Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not your typical Wednesday post...

So I've seen Wordless Wednesday on the blogs that I read and while I am tempted to follow suit I'm afraid I have some words! We'll just call this post an "I've HAD IT post"

-If one more person calls me a "bitch" or "stupid bitch" or any other name associated with those while I'm in my car and they are cutting across the road to get to a store, I'm gonna lose it! Evil Grandma went as far as stopping in the middle of the road, in the rain to wave her fists in the air and shout multiple things at me which I couldn't make out but I definitely could read her lips when she shouted BITCH! I mean come on! It's not like I'm going to run over you (Evil Grandma) or that I don't see you running like a crazy person with your umpteen kids in tow (Crazy Mom of the Year). By the way, what a great example you are setting for your children by yelling profanities at me and I guarantee you have yelled at them numerous times for calling their multiple siblings bad wonder they do! Not once have I come even close to not stopping and yet they still feel it necessary to shout names out at me. Next time I swear I'm going to get out of the car and see if they feel angry enough to say it to my face. I'm not the fighting type but by gosh I'm getting sick and tired of people calling me names when I'm inside the metal confines of my car. Say it to my face Crazy Mom of the Year and Evil you don't have the balls!


  1. DAMN STRAIGHT!!! OH my God I totally agree with you!! This happens to me on a daily basis and that's why I say that when I am in the car going to and from work, I HATE EVERYONE. People are so ignorant!

  2. At least I'm not alone on this! haha!