Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

Here are my Friday Fragments for this day in May. You know, those things that happen to you during the week that aren't substantial enough for a full post (although my Friday Fragments tend to be lengthy!) Head over to Mrs. 4444's page to see how it's really done and read her Friday Fragments as well as other blogger's who posted their links to Mr. Linky!

*I actually made a list this week for my Friday go me!

**OH. MY. GOSH. My boss (who is no spring chicken, may I remind you) has a facebook page. I walked into his office yesterday morning to ask him a scheduling question and BAM! he was adding a friend on Facebook! I promptly returned to my office and checked my Facebook Privacy Settings to make sure they were set to "only friends."

***You know...when I was younger I was FLAT and I mean FLAT. I used to pray every single night for God to give me boobs. Yes, I know that giving boobs to young girls isn't exactly in his job description but he DID. My junior year I got boobs and it wasn't even me that noticed them first. I was in a play, with the role of a belly dancer (apparently I'm a sucky actress), and a friend of mine came up to the show afterwards and asked me if I stuffed my bra! I was appalled! Of course I didn't, I told her and she was like well then when did your boobs get so big?! It was then I noticed. I had gone from an A cup to a C cup in no time flat (no pun intended). I now am a DD or larger, but I refuse to buy bigger bras than a DD. Anywho. I wear those tank tops with the built-in bra...although the built-in bra does me no good because I also have to wear a regular bra too. Don't worry I'm getting around to my Yesterday, I went outside to smoke (verybadhabitandineedtoquit) and for some reason after I lit my cigarette I stuck my lighter in my shirt (I had on a polo and one of those built-in bra tank tops underneath) I guess at the time I found it funny that it was like a perfectly little shelf for my lighter. GEEZE OH PETE IT'S STORMING!!! Sorry for that sidebar but a clap of thunder just scared the poo out of me! Back to my later on...maybe a couple hours I was working away and happened to look down...VOILA! My lighter was still there! What a nifty place to store it, wonder what else would fit there....I know golf balls do (I made a habit of taking home golf balls between my boobs whenever we played putt putt in college, only the pink ones though).

****Mr. Ski left for Cincinnati this morning. He's going to a conference to meet with NFL offensive line coaches...he is so excited. As he was leaving we did our kiss good bye and our I love you's. As he was walking to his ride he reminded me to mow the yard...thanks hunny, I love you too.

*****I commute to's about 100 miles round trip. It sucks. Yesterday on my way home I got stuck behind a cow truck, yummy cow poop smell my favorite...NOT! (Remember when it was popular to say NOT!) So I passed him only to find myself behind another cow truck! More cow poop I passed him and you would not believe it but I got stuck behind a third cow truck, by this point I was getting nauseated. So I revved my engine and passed him only to find myself behind a horse trailor. I am not kidding. By the time I arrived home, my car was coated in cow and horse poop splatters. FANtastic. Good thing it's raining today. On another note apparently there's a cow convention somewhere on 24W!

I promise next week to try and make my Friday Fragments, actual fragments. :)


  1. Loved the flat stuff.
    Great fragments.

  2. You're so funny. Too bad about the cow/horse crap ride to work; what are the odds?!

    I am up to a D now (first time), and I hate it. I can always tell when I need to lose weight when I see a photo of myself and all I can see is BOOBS! Maybe this summer...

    Have a great weekend.... :)

  3. OMG, Mrs. Ski! Guess who won a GoGirl?! Email me with your name/address so that I can send it your way :)