Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Fragments!

Friday Fragments?

It's Friday Fragments!! Hop on over to Mrs. 4444's blog, the originator of this lovely topic to read her Friday Fragments as well!

Let's see...

*First and foremost, who is proud of me for posting two blogs in the same week...ME! ME! ME!

**One of my lovely sisters, next to oldest, got me hooked on the Twilight series. It was sort of a no brainer that I would like it considering I love and miss Buffy so much. Plus they were available on cd and everyone knows that definitely helps out a commute. I loved the series, I liked the movie (Edward could have been hotter, no offense Pattison). So then, my next to oldest sister recommended another vampire (except in this book they are vampyres) series that was recommended to her by my oldest sister. Wow! It's like Twilight but on a whole other level...a bit of a naughty level too. I finished the first book (Marked) and most of the second book (Betrayed)(mainly all of my reading is done on airplanes) and next thing I know Mr. Ski has picked up the first book only out of pure curiosity and maybe because he gets bored in the bathroom...anywho, he LOVES them. He read all of the first book, read all of the second book and finished the third book (Chosen) this morning while I just now finished the second book! He now reads this series whenever he has a free moment...he loves catching up on Zoey Redbird and frankly I love it too! Check out P.C. and Kristen Cast's House of Night novels if you need a new read...maybe you should read it before passing it on to your adolescent daughters...I did say they were a bit naughty at times.

***I'm in love with a baby. His name is Jeffrey. He loves me too. He is the son of our very good friends the Pregents. Baby Jeff is the best baby. He's chill, laid back, hilarious, makes the funniest faces (see below) and overall just a really happy baby. It's always the highlight of my day if I get to see him whenever we go visit! I hope that if Mr. Ski and I can have babies that they are just as awesome as he is...because man, sometimes I'd like to just take him home with me.

****I have a calendar that Mr. Ski got me for Christmas. It has apology letters written to numerous people who President Bush (W) and his people and policies offended during his 8 long years. (The last two years Mr. Ski got me Bushisms calendars...and they rocked too) So this week's apology letter, which could be my favorite so far aside from the letter to the color orange, was to the following individual:

Mr. Harry M. Whittington
807 Brazos St., Suite 1010

Austin, TX 78701

Dear Mr. Whittington,

I'm sorry Dick Cheney shot you in the face.


(I always write in U.S. Citizen)

Is that not hilarious?! Every time I glance over and see it I laugh and numerous times liquid has almost come out of my nose! I haven't mailed any of these apology letters out...but I do think I will use my favorites and make a collage...or that's what I intend to now you should know how that will go.

*****I mowed the lawn this week. Gawrsh (I'm still in Disney mode), that is so tiring and I only did the front yard. But I also weedeated and blew off the driveway...and I think that our front yard is more difficult to mow than the back because of all the trees and tree roots. It took me close to two and a half hours! I was sweating up a storm and hating life the whole time but after I was done I had the greatest sense of accomplishment. Mr. Ski was impressed too. Our backyard is another story...and by the time it gets done raining (Sunday hopefully) it's only going to be worse. I am dreading it. Hardcore.
******I will leave you with this little tidbit from my most favorite comedian Mitch Hedberg: "I got a business card, cause I wanna win some lunches. That's what my business card says: "Mitch Hedberg, Potential Lunch Winner.""
So, make your own Friday Fragments and use Mr. Linky to put them on Mrs. 4444's blog!

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  1. I LOVE that business card joke, and I plan to have my cards made immediately! JK

    Hey, I think that's "weedate." JK again, and you cracked me up.

    That little guy looks like a real character; it's no wonder you're in love :)