Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update, Update! Read all about it!

I just realized that I haven't posted anything to my blog since March 31st!! Although it doesn't really surprise me...I tend to start things and be really intense about them for the first couple weeks days and then it falls by the wayside. For instance, I was gung ho about sewing...keep in mind I've never sewed a day in my life besides the pitiful attempts at making doll clothes. Mainly I wanted to sew so I could make my own diaper covers...also keep in mind I am not pregnant...I just started doing mad research one day on cloth diapering and decided that when Mr. Ski and I have children I want to cloth diaper. Mainly because disposable diapers are so darn expensive and we all know I hate to spend money. Back to the April update:

---I spent the first weekend in April in San Antonio working for my second job. You know, the one that includes all the cheerleaders, loud music, and photo taking. It was a great show...meaning it was over at like four in the afternoon day one! Yay! So we all went down to the river walk...more like lazy river or a really long skinny lake or a really long skinny pond but whatever...and ate dinner. Oh, we also went to the Alamo. You guys probably don't know this but I'm not the biggest fan of historical sites, I find them boring and the ultimate way to announce "Hey Everybody, I'm a TOURIST!!!" but this time it wasn't too bad and I actually enjoyed myself. Maybe I'm growing out of my anti-historical sites mindset. Hmm. It was nice not to have to work such long hours. Mr. Ski and Gidget stayed at the house, actually I think Mr. Ski stayed with some of our friends the majority of the weekend playing Wii Fit. I will say though day two was busier and since we all flew home Sunday night I was not in the greatest of moods when I got home. Shocking I know. I've started to believe this happens because I have to be nice (sugar sweet nice) to people the whole weekend and so when I get home I'm all out of sugar sweet nice. Is that bad that I'm not always the nicest person? I guess it's not since I don't pretend to be either! You may notice that I only talk about the's because the weeks are pretty boring. You know, wake up, shower, drive 50 miles to work, work, drive 50 miles home, take out Gidget, maybe go f0r a walk, tv, bed. Wow, I am so boring.
---The next weekend Mr. Ski and I drove to our home town in East Tennessee, oh what fun. There's nothing better than having to get up two hours earlier than you would normally just so you can get a hot shower. But that's what happens when you have a mom and dad, oldest sister, oldest sister's boyfriend, oldest sister's two teenage kids, next to oldest sister, next to oldest sister's husband, and Mr. Ski and myself all in the same house and wanting showers. Count them that's eight adults, two teenagers, and three dogs. Thank goodness, next to yougest sister and her husband and three kids have moved to hometown and no longer need to stay with Mom and Dad. Overall, the weekend was good...I was dreading it. People who have a large family understand this, there is always some form of drama, people without a large family long for this. I would prefer to see my parents by myself, well, with Mr. Ski too but you know what I mean. There were no arguments or any yelling but I did have a slight melt down Sunday morning. Easter Morning. As children we always got a new dress for Easter as well as shoes. As an adult, I wear something I already have. As children we would go to church, eat at Grammy and Pawpaw's, take numerous pictures of the four girls and then hunt for eggs. As adults we still go to chuch, eat at Grammy and Pawpaw's, take pictures of the four girs, and get started on our journeys home. Easter Morning rolls around this year and I literally didn't think Iwas going to be able to button the pants I brought. Oh, I got them buttoned alright but then my stomach hung over them quite grotesically and the shirt I had bought only accentuated those rolls. Great! I have to wear this outfit which screams "I could barely put these pants on" while going to church with my sisters. My oldest sister maybe hits 120 if she's soaking wet, my next to oldest sister comes in at maybe 110 and my next to youngest sister is heavier than them but she's also birthed three children so she has an excuse. And there's me, youngest sister, weighs the most. Nice. So I bawled and cried and said I wasn't going and ended up going. Said I wasn't participating in any pictures and got guilted into participating and looked terrible because of my bad attitude, and then was accused by a four year old, let me repeat that FOUR YEAR OLD of deleting pictures after my next to oldest sister had asked me not to. Which I didn't delete any of them the four year old was just trying to stir it up...maybe she wasn't but it rubbed me the wrong way. What rubbed me worse was next to oldest sister believed her over me. Nice. Next to oldest sister later told me that she was sorry...and I have forgiven her but that's always been a thing with me. When you're the youngest for some reason no one thinks you ever tell the truth. I've dealt with this my whole life and let me tell you it's irritating. All's well now...but it was not a fun day. Don't get me wrong, I love my big family. Every one of them and I wouldn't trade any of them for anything. But sometimes I find myself wishing my family wasn't so large.
---The next weekend was pretty chill. We hung out with friends and I caught up on my sleep. I needed that extra sleep because on Thursday of the next week Mr. Ski and I were leaving for Florida. Yay! Wait, we had to work the majority of our time there (two 16 hour days, bleck!) but it was nice to be together and I enjoyed having him at an event with me. Thursday was awesome. We got in mid afternoon and went to the pool, had some cocktails, rode the water slide, and then layed in the hammocks before returning to our room to shower and get ready to go to Downtown Disney for dinner. Friday we worked, but the hours weren't horrible (maybe 6) and then we went to Magic Kingdom where the highlight of my trip happened. I am obsessed with her...always have...always will so you can imagine how sad I was when her grotto was already closed by the time we got there. But then an angel of an employee let us in! Yay!! We waited in line (like you do most everywhere in Disney) and I got to meet her and have my picture made with her! I beamed the rest of the night. Saturday and Sunday we worked ALL. DAY. LONG. and returned to our room only to go straight to bed. Monday we slept in, checked out, went to Animal Kingdom, and flew home. All in all it was a good trip but I am glad it's over. No more cheerleading events until the fall..can I get a WOOHOO?! WOOHOO!!
---Well that's the long of definitely wasn't short! Sorry!!...hopefully, I'll be able to update my blog on a regular basis! So these terribly long update posts won't be necessary!