Tuesday, March 31, 2009


My dear, darling husband...I always had an idea that you were somewhat of an impulse buyer but Saturday you confirmed my beliefs. As we were walking through the mall with some friends and their oh-so-cute baby boy I turned around to tell Mr. Ski something and realized that he was no longer walking with us. I searched the area and found him standing at a kiosk...keep in mind that minutes earlier he had made a joke about the Dead Sea hand lotion people (and just to clarify I didn't purchase anything from them but they did polish one of my nails)...there he stood chatting it up with a little old lady, who will be referred to as granny from this point foward. I couldn't see the sign from where I was standing so I went over to reign him in away from the product. (Sidebar: I have absolutely no qualms with saying no. I do it quite well actually. Mr. Ski, however, does not say no well.) So, the product is Australian Eucalyptus Oil and it is supposed to take away pain from any kind of ailment. Mr. Ski has a bad back, he always is looking for relief which usually comes from the nightly back rubs he gets from me...what a good wife I am. Anywho, so granny starts talking up this product and then asks him if he'd like to try some...sure he says...granny puts on a glove and begins to rub Mr. Ski's back. Holy crap, we were knocked down by the scent..but don't you know that's how it works granny tells us. When she stepped aside for a moment I asked him two things...does it work? and how much is it? Mr. Ski confirmed that it worked (personally, I think it was because granny rubbed his back for a good five minutes, but whatever.) and that it was like $20 bucks. Ok, not too bad. Can I get it? Mr. Ski asks...and I replied with if it helps then go ahead. So there he goes, following granny to the cash register. $33 dollars (what happened to $20 bucks?!) later and I definitely won't lose him, I could pick up that scent from the other end of the mall whether or not it takes away the pain is still to be determined. Thanks Australian Eucalyptus Oil, you make my husband stinky yet easy to find!

I almost wish that mine and Mr. Ski's spending habits were reversed. But I have a feeling I will always hate to spend money. Oh, it would be absolutely awesome to go shopping and not feel angst, buyer's remorse, or the overwhelming urge to take back everything I have just bought. It's ok really, I dislike shopping anyways. I love shopping sales but I hate digging through the piles, I love trying on clothes but I hate those dreadful dressing rooms (they are too dang hot), I love shopping at outlets but hate waiting in line to pay, but mostly I dislike shopping because I always get stuck behind the slow walkers and there is nothing more frustrating than that!

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  1. Oh, I can relate to the slow walkers thing; drives me CRAZY!! It think it's cute that your husband is like that (expensive, but cute.)