Thursday, March 19, 2009

Crappy Blogger...

Ok, I've come to realize that I am in fact a crappy blogger! I would rather read a complete stranger's blog than write my own, yet, I think of all these funny things to blog about. Procrastination at it's finest, that and avoiding the work that consistently piles up on my desk. Back to reading complete strangers blogs...the ones I've stumbled across have been HILARIOUS! I've found myself in the fits of laughter covering my mouth so my giggles do not fill my rediculously quiet office which usually results in some very unsavoring snorting noises.

Back to funny blogs. Some of my favorite stranger blogs (in no special order) are: Sue at who led me to Tena at who led me to Halftime Lessons...sorry dude, I haven't read enough to know your name just enough to know that you are funny. OH, and I also apologize for failing at Mr. Linky! Geeze, I got the first one linked but then it wouldn't let me type anything without making it all one big link. So I gave up. Any suggestions as to how to fix this for a complete blog idiot like myself will be appreciated. Don't feel bad if I didn't list your blog as funny...I just haven't found you yet! Trust me when I say, the three I did list are worth your time and your uncontrollable laughter!

So now something funny that actually happened to me this last weekend while on a traveling excursion with my second job (which I absolutely love!). Backstory: I also work for an action photography company, my job varies from taking pictures to selling pictures to running back and forth like a moron (I will admit, it's pretty humorous to watch me run) to the tech guy when things go wrong. Anyways, back to the funny. I find myself laughing a lot at these events mostly because I answer the same fricking questions over and over again and also because some of the facials we capture are pretty darn funny. This latest trip took me to Oregon where I was asked...and I'm not making this up...."How big is the 5 x 7?" Well sir, that photo is 5 inches by 7 inches, I could tell he was he should have been. Geeze, people think before you speak. And then there was the girl (probably 14) who when I asked her what her address was looked at me as if I had asked her what every digit of pi was...come on, it's your ADDRESS, the location of where you live...the place you go everyday after school. She couldn't remember so a team mom had me ship the picture to her house instead. Never once had I come across someone who didn't know their address...and lo and behold two hours later another girl around the same age had the same problem, but at least she had thought about the fact that she didn't know her address and had written it on her arm prior to placing the order with me! I can honestly say that even as a young child I knew my address. I mean, what if you had to call 911 and didn't have scribbles on your arm to reference?! I'm not a parent, but I encourage all you parents to ensure your children know their address especially if they are over the age of 10 because otherwise someone like me will blog about them.

Hopefully, I can get back into the swing of blogging but I also tend to be a little lazy at times so forgive me (all of my 2 followers, haha) for slacking!

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