Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This and That...

This is what I do at night while watching all those reality shows on my dvr. I braid my hair. It's weird, but it's what I do. I don't do the best job and wouldn't wear them out in public but for some reason they make me happy.

Holy Chihuahuas, Christmas is in 3 days! And I'm not done shopping. I suck. Officially. I'm really bummed too because I was working on this really cool photo project for my parents and it totally failed. It was a disappointment because I think they would have really liked it! Maybe it will work out for their anniversary present.

In other news, I have finally found a video game that I'm relatively good at...Cabela's Big Game Hunter for the Wii. I totally rock at it. I'm not being cocky, I promise but I have to brag about it because I suck at most all video games (aside from Wii Bowling) but not this one! Mr. Ski was even impressed. It made me smile and stay up all night playing (for real) but that's beside the point! :)

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Follow Through...FAIL!

You have seen correctly...that is three beverages all with 1/4 left sitting on my desk at work. Apparently my follow through problems also include beverages. And here I thought I only had trouble following through with the ideas streaming through my head.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Really?! That much reality?!

I came to a harsh realization recently....the majority of TV I watch is reality. See below:

1. Biggest Loser
2. So You Think You Can Dance
3. Project Runway
4. Top Chef
5. Little Couple
6. Little People Big World
7. 18 Kids and Counting
8. Real World
9. Real World/Road Rules Challenges
10. Teen Mom
11. Baby Story
12. America's Next Top Model
13. Intervention
14. Hoarders

That's A LOT of reality TV! Thankfully they're not all on at the same time but still. Let's compare it to the list of non-reality TV I watch:

1. Lost
2. Glee
3. How I Met Your Mother
4. Drop Dead Diva
5. Army Wives
6. Mercy

Maybe it just seems like a lot of reality TV because not all my non-reality TV shows are on right now. And some of my favorite non-reality shows have gone off the air. All I know is my DVR is chocked full of reality! It's a little overwhelming. Maybe I should cut back on my TV time and instead organize my closets or something equally productive but seriously when I get home from work the last thing I want to do is more work. I would much rather get lost in the reality of someone else's reality. Did that make sense?

**To the shows I have forgotten, I am truly sorry.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


I unintentionally went muddin' yesterday. Why do I say muddin' instead of mudding, you may ask? Well, it's because I live in the South and taking off the "g" is appropriate. Back to my muddin' story. I'm doing a photo project and there's this one tree I've been needing to take a picture of. Since it was like 65 degrees here yesterday I decided that it was the perfect time. The tree is on the side of the road and there is no place for a car to pull over so I chose to pull into this little area that I guess the telephone people were using that was directly across the street from my subject. For some genius reason I decided to pull in all the way and then turn around so that I wouldn't have to back onto the road during a fairly busy time of the day. This was not my best idea! I knew as soon as I started turning around that it was no good. And then my tires started spinning. Great. Instead of freaking out (like I probably would have done normally) I calmly called a friend who's hubby has a jeep and asked if he had a wench. Yay! He did! Help was on the way! A lady stopped to offer her phone and then out of nowhere a red truck pulled into the little pull through with purpose. He sucessfully pushed my car out of the mud and I was free. WOOHOO! I thanked him profusely then called my friend's hubby to cancel his wenching services.

Here's the crappy part. After all that I didn't even get to take the stupid picture! I was so concerned with getting out of the mud that I completely forgot to take the picture! So now I will have to go back...but this time I'm going to have Mr. Ski drop me off by the tree and come back and retrieve me. No more muddin' in the Altima!

Here's the irony that is my life. I got my front end aligned and got two new tires on Saturday. (Sidebar: Who knew getting an alignment could make that much of a difference! It's like driving a new car!) I was reading up about my tires...can you say bored? And it specifically said "When in mud, sand, snow or ice conditions, do not spin wheels excessively. In such conditions, with automatic transmission vehicles, by accelerating excessively, it is possible to spin one of the drive tires beyond its speed capacity..." So at least I knew not to keep my foot on the gas...instead I recognized defeat and just waited on help to arrive. How crazy is it though that I had just read that?!

Monday, December 14, 2009

10 Years Ago today....

I had open heart surgery to repair an ASD (atrial septal defect). An ASD is a hole between the right and left atrium, all babies while in the womb have this hole so blood can pass through the heart, after birth and the first breath that hole begins to close. Mine never did.

How we found out: I was a swimmer in high school and would occasionally have boughts of rapid heart rate, after one fairly intense episode my mom decided it was time to take me to the doctor. My pediatrician (I was 17) did an EKG and the results were abnormal but not abnormal enough to be too concerned about but knowing that my parent's were worried they referred us to a pediatric cardiologist. He decided to do an ECHO, my mom had to work so my dad took me. As I laid in that room while the technician did the ECHO I watched his face the whole time and when I saw him scrunch up his brow in confusion I knew there was a problem. The cardiologist came in and had a look and told my dad and I that I had a hole in my heart and I could either get it fixed now or die when I'm forty (an ASD causes blood to pump through the heart a second time which causes the heart to enlarge, if it goes unrepaired your heart can get so large that it cannot function). We were dumbstruck, numb, and confused. My dad called my mom and told her what this doctor had said and she experienced the same emotions, I'm sure. My mom is a nurse, and used to work in the cardiac care unit so she knew quite a few cardiologists in town and asked one of them for a second opinion. This doctor did a different test a TEE, they basically stick a camera down your throat to look at your heart from the backside. This test was by far the worst experience of my life to date including the open heart surgery. They did not give me enough medicine to put me under so I felt everything and remember every detail. After that experience the only questions I ever had of the surgeon were "Will I be asleep?" The TEE confirmed that I did indeed have a hole in my heart roughly the size of a quarter. This happened in September and they scheduled my surgery for December 14th.

Preparation: There was a lot I had to do to prepare. I had to give 2 pints of blood for myself, I am O- so I can give to everyone but only receive my own blood type. I had to go to the doctor for more tests and consultations. I had to start eating red meat again (I had stopped eating red meat for about a year and a half) and I had to put bactriban in my nose to keep me from getting sick and to keep my immune system strong. During all of this from diagnosis to surgery, I was never scared. Which is shocking since I'm such a worry wart but I wasn't worried at all. My family on the other hand was scared to death especially my mom. She was a CICU nurse, she had seen what could go wrong and she was afraid for my life.

December 14, 1999: The night before and morning of I had to shower in this milk-like substance and get up entirely too early. My family and I made our way to the hospital that morning and they took me back where they made me change clothes and gave me an anti-anxiety pill, they let my family come in to tell me bye (this was the hardest part), my parents stayed with me as they rolled me into the hall but then I was all alone being rolled down a long corridor and I heard my mom yell down the hall "and she was very old." My screen is beginning to get blurry but I do need to tell you why she yelled that; my mom as I told you earlier was very scared and the morning of my surgery in her devotional the scripture was Luke 2:36-37 "There was also a prophetess, Anna, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Asher. She was very old..." This brought my mother peace and it was one of the last things I heard before going in for open heart surgery. They took me into the prep room (I don't know the real name but the place where they put you under before they take you into the OR) and began pushing my iv's. The anesthesiolgist came in and was surprised to see me awake. She said that usually people are asleep before she comes in and asked me if other people in my family were hard to put under, since I didn't know they called for my mom to come up. My mom got to come up and ended up knowing my anesthesiologist, so as they talked I slowly drifted off with my mom holding my hand. Over the course of my surgery my family began to realize just how many people that we knew were around me. My mom had known the anesthesiologist, one of the nurses in the room during my surgery was the sister of a girl I worked with, the first nurse I had after my surgery was not only a friend of my mom's but the aunt of one of my best friends. I was surrounded by people who knew me and that was so comforting to me and my family. I won't lie, the first hours after my surgery were awful especially when they had to weigh me (they had to lay me down flat and that was brutal).
Unlike most open heart patients I was awake the first hour after my surgery, I remember my first visitors and the details of what they said, I remember my boyfriend coming in and trying to make him kiss me, I remember my best friend coming in and going as white as a ghost (I'm sure I looked pretty scary with numerous tubes coming out of me), I remember coercing my dad into giving me more ice chips than the nurses allowed (I was so thirsty), I remember the nurses giving me baths in the CICU, I remember it all and every one of the cardiologists were befuddled that I was as alert as I was only hours after my operation. My favorite nurse was one of my night nurses the second night after my surgery. She was a rather large African American lady and she babied me. She knew I hated to be weighed (oh the pain) so she gave me more pain medicine than anyone else did and she never laid the bed down as much as the other nurses did.

Recovery: My surgery was on a Tuesday and by Wednesday I was tired of being there so I told my doctor that I was going home on Friday. He told me that the chances of that were slim. I told him that I would prove him wrong. Recovery went smooth but was not without intense pain. I had to have 10-12 vials of blood drawn a day, I was overcome with awful nausea and vomiting only left me in more pain that I was before, I had to have pace makers, tubes, and catheters removed, I would not eat because I was so afraid that food would come smushing out the separation in my chest (it wouldn't have done that but I was scared it would); I lost 20 pounds in 4 days, I saw many visitors and some I didn't see at all because they came to sit with my family in the waiting room, I saw my grandfather (one of the strongest men I knew) break down in tears at the sight of me, I knew that even though I was alone in my room for the majority of the time (hospital rules only allowed visitors in every other hour for 30 minutes) that one or both of my parents were sitting 30 yards away in the waiting room, and I knew that all I wanted was to go home. I did go home on Friday, much to the shock and awe of the cardiologists and nurses. It wasn't much easier at home but at least I was at home.

Aftermath: I spent many nights rotating between the couch and the recliner. My mom had to help me shower, I missed six weeks of school during which they allowed my dad (a teacher at my high school) to be my homebound teacher, my sister was my body guard and was very protective of who came to see me and how long they stayed, my mom had to change my dressings daily and help me get around. I remember not knowing if I would ever not feel pain anymore and not remembering what it was like to feel no pain and not worry about my chest opening up. Eventually, the pain went away and my scar began to fade and now I look back on that time in my life and can't not believe it has been 10 years.

My sister recently went to the hospital for a cardiac work up, the nurse noticed her maiden name and asked her if she was related to me. My sister said yes, and the nurse told her that they still talk about that little 17 year old and how quickly I recovered. Maybe my story made someone else less anxious about surgery...just maybe.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Fragments!

Mommy's Idea

Friday is here which means that Friday Fragments are in full swing! I haven't participated in FF in awhile so I thought today...I would jump back on the bandwagon that is led by our fearless Friday Fragments leader, Mrs. 4444's over at Half Past Kissin' Time! Head over to her site and hop on the wagon.

*Today is my dad's birthday...HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY! Thank you for being my hero and for always being there for me. You're awesome and I love you.

**I've seen and heard how much the Midwest got hit with snow but the most snow I saw was this morning on the back of a tractor trailer. I like snow...not 14 inches of it but I would like a couple inches.

***Mr. Ski volunteers with Fort C's high school's football team and they won the state championship game last Friday. It was an awesome opportunity to be a part of their 3rd state championship in a row...it was a 3peat! I did however freeze my tail off and contracted a cold from sitting outside for 4+ hours but I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Way to go Falcons! This picture was was taken of my sister (redskins hoodie), me (blue jacket), my mom and dad by the newspaper staff. Thank goodness it wasn't in the paper!!!! I was horrified when I saw it, but since I'm a glutton for punishment I'll post it here. I must have been really into whatever I was talking about. Don't laugh too hard....it could be the worst picture of me ever!
Pretty bad, huh? It was too cold to even consider fashion...we did everything we could to keep in as much heat as possible! Which included making several trips to the heated restrooms, we told dad about how warm the restrooms were but he refused to go and just hang out to warm up saying that "men just don't hang out in bathrooms...it's a little creepy." I will say that the best part of the day was the police escort back to Fort C and the welcome back ceremony...the community was great and showed these kids (all have at least one parent in the Army) how truly special they all are.

****My new nickname should be wheezy. This cold is just hanging out in my chest and I'm growing tired of the coughing and "mouse sounds" that are coming from this cold.

*****One morning last week my car windows were frosted over. Mr. Ski being the sweetheart he is scraped them for me. When I got in the car and looked through my rear view mirror I saw that he had carved a heart in the frost. It brought the biggest smile to my face. The funny thing is that the heart is STILL there! See...
Can you see it?

******Christmas is 14 days away and I have bought 2 gifts. Haha, I'm such a procrastinator. I do get some kind of satisfaction from doing last minute shopping, it's a rush.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I feel like something's following me...

Last night as I was waiting for Mr. Ski to finish brushing his teeth before the night time "tucking in" ritual began. Just to clarify...he asks me to tuck him in which is code for "will you massage my back?" And I do...usually; some nights I tell him it's my night off. Last night though I was willing so I got off the couch and walked down the hallway and into our bedroom where I felt like something was tugging on me. I looked behind me (a little scared) and saw this...

Yes, you've seen correctly that is the blanket from the couch trailing along behind me. I practically fell in the floor laughing but pulled it together so it could be documented and put on the "to blog about" list. What's shocking is that it happened last night and I've been such a slacker lately that I'm quite proud for getting it all typed out as soon as I have.

***Please ignore the size of my rump. I have got to do something about that and this picture should only be motivation.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trust Issues.

I've come to the realization that I have trust issues. There are very few people in this world that I trust with a lot much less...everything. I think this all stems from the kick in the face (figuratively not literally) a-ha! moment that I had recently. I. DON'T. EVEN. TRUST. ME! Me! I can't even trust myself! I should probably just go ahead and admit how many times I locked and relocked and relocked the car this weekend while in Cincinnati or maybe I should let you all in on how I went all the way up to my hotel room and then back down the elevator to quadruple check that the car doors were locked. Even though I said "locked, locked, locked" after each click of the door locking thingamajig I still doubted myself that I had in fact locked the doors. How pathetic. No wonder I doubt Mr. Ski when he tells me that he's locked the back door yet I can't trust that he has without checking it myself. It's like there's this little bug in my head saying..."he didn't lock the doors and some criminal will come in tonight and steal all your belongings after they slaughter you both" so what do I do? Check to make sure the back door's locked...and it always is.

So here's my question...how do I become more trusting of the people that I know would never intentionally let me down? I have a feeling that I need to trust me before I can trust others but at this point I don't even know where to begin. Because I don't know if I will be able to ignore that nagging/taunting/irritating voice in my head that tells me...you did not lock the doors, you did not turn off the stove, you did not set the alarm, you did not unplug the flat iron, you did not, you did not, you did not! Grr.

I really do want to be more trusting of others, specifically Mr. Ski. I'm sure it doesn't make him feel the greatest when I insist on double checking that he locked the doors instead of just trusting that he did what he said he did. I'm thinking that the reason I'm having these trust issues is because I used to be too trusting. I never thought there was any reason why anyone wouldn't do what they said they were going to do and over the years as I kept getting let down my anti-trust wall kept getting higher and higher. That wall has become so high that now I can't even trust my own actions. How do I start to tear down the wall without becoming too trusting again, honestly I can't handle the disappointment.

Lately, all I've got are questions. When do I get the answers?

Thursday, November 19, 2009


It has been ages since I've blogged! I don't know what's been wrong with me, I've had things to say but just haven't had the gumption to type them out. First things first, I want to thank those who have checked on me, it meant a lot.

My results came back and there isn't enough wrong right now to do anything about it so I will be reexamined in six months or so. We were very relieved at these results, short of them saying that there was absolutely nothing wrong this was the next best option. So grateful, relieved, happy, and thankful we were when the doctor called me (on a Friday at 6pm because he knew I was worried and wanted to ease my stress...he rocks!) and gave me the results.

Mr. Ski has officially signed out of the Army on terminal leave. Which means his last official day will be January 31st but since he had saved leave days he will be on terminal leave until the end of January, basically we're still getting paid and have insurance benefits he just no longer has to go to formations or do anything Army related. Woohoo! I was nervous about it but now I'm hopeful and excited about this new chapter in our lives. YAY! Everything will work out...I'm quite sure of that.

The photography events are back in session. I go to Cincinnati this weekend for the second show of cheer season. I love the extra work and the experience but I could go without the loud music, cow bells (apparently the coolest way to cheer on your team) and the screaming girls and boys. It's worth it though and only makes me appreciate my quiet existence even more!

I called in to NPR on Tuesday for "On Point: with Tom Ashbrook" and made it on air! It was so exciting but I was so nervous. It turned out to be such an amazing experience. It was so ironic because the topic of the show was military service and PTSD and Mr. Ski signed out of the Army about 10 minutes before I went on air. It felt really good to share our story and my feelings on what needs to change involving soldiers coming home from deployments and to be listened to and agreed with, it was a priceless opportunity that I will forever cherish.

Hopefully, I will be a better blogger and maybe do a post that doesn't revolve around updates! :) Thanks for reading and being patient.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Fragments!!

Friday Fragments?
Yay! It's Friday!!!! Which means Friday Fragments time. I need it, apparently my laziness does not allow me to post during the week unless it's Friday Fragments. Head over to Mrs. 4444's (the creator/mastermind behind FF) page to check out her Friday Fragments and the Frags of other fine fine bloggers!

~I love fall. Of course, the leaves changing is awesome and beautiful but one of my most favorite things is when I'm driving and seeing the leaves fly up behind my car. It makes me happy just thinking about it!

~Big game this weekend!! The Vikings will play the Packers at Lambeau and I will be wearing my AJ Hawk jersey and pink converse (so far they've been lucky) nervously watching the game on Sunday. Go Pack Go!!!!!

~So Taco Bell is GIVING away the Black Jack Taco everyday from 6pm to midnight. Hmm, I wonder why?! Oh maybe it's because everyone is too scared of the amount of food coloring that must have been used to color that taco shell black. YUCK!

~Skip on over this one Kori :) It's another Project Runway frag! Carol Hannah, I still love you and I want you to win and by no means do I think you're a one trick pony. Althea, must you wear your hear like a Charlie's Angel? Irena, you suck. Christopher, you're a sweetheart but for the life of me I cannot figure out how you have made it this far. Gordana, please try not to use gray in your next outfit...it's so boring! Logan, we will all miss gazing at your beautiful face.

~I went to my doctor's appointment on Wednesday for the follow up testing to the bad results. I absolutely LOVED the doctor and his nurse. They were awesome and both comforted me as I sat in the examination room in a puddle of my own tears. They did a biopsy and a cutterage, it wasn't as painful as I expected it to be. But I don't think that the experience would have turned out the way it did had I not had such a great doctor and nurse! God bless them! I will get the results back next week so I'm trying to stay positive and not freak out over the possible negative outcomes. Mr. Ski has been awesome regarding all this, not that I didn't think he would be but it just caught me off guard how encouraging and supportive he's been. He's been ensuring me that he will be by my side for the bad and the good. As well as telling me that he just has "a really good feeling" about it all. We definitely have had our moments where outcomes have seemed bleak but man, he has ALWAYS come through just when I need him the most. I love him.

~Speaking of Mr. Ski, he got his disability rating last week. Which means we'll be out of the Army by February (once terminal leave is over). While that's scary, there are also positives like: we can travel whenever, wherever we want without getting permission from the Army first and Mr. Ski won't have to get up at 4am on the weekdays anymore. I'm sure there are more but those two stick out the most!

~The neighbor's inflatables haven't slumped over yet. I did get encouraged last week when I came out of the house and all three were completely deflated!! But it was just because they'd briefly turned off the fans...bummer! Mr. Ski and I have a bet as to how soon they will take down their Halloween inflatables and blow up the Thanksgiving ones. I'm predicting they'll have the turkey/pilgrim combo in their yard by Sunday morning.

~And now for your Mitch Hedberg quote for the week: "I'm lactose intolerant, I have to eat my cereal with a fork."

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Well, I've been a slacker. BIG TIME. So I thought I'd do an update post. Not that you care but you know so I don't feel like such a slacker.

*I'm sick AGAIN! And this time I can't sleep. I woke up every hour and a half or so last night and let me tell you that sucks. I never have trouble sleeping so a nap during my lunch break today was necessary.

**There's been a lot of drama going on over the last 2 weekends, thankfully only 2% involved me. And that's always a good feeling. Drama is terrible but when it's not yours it's somewhat tolerable.

***Paranormal Activity. OH. MY. GOSH. SCARIEST. MOVIE. I. HAVE. EVER. SEEN. There were some of the scenes that stuck in my head so when I laid my blonde head down to sleep I would see those scenes and I'd have to sing the "Favorite Things" song from the Sound of Music to try and forget about it. I had chill bumps for a solid 30 minutes after we saw the movie. It was so disturbing and left me quite unsettled. (Needless to say this wasn't why I couldn't sleep last night). After doing some research yesterday about the movie I started to think it wasn't as scary as I originally thought. But still it's pretty damn freaky.

****I found out that my parent's had to put my childhood dog to sleep. I won't tell you how long I cried. She was a chihuahua and she was 11 and she was mine first. I got her when I was a junior in high school and when I went to college she lived with my parents, and then my grandfather got attached to her so by the time I could have her in an apartment I didn't feel right taking her away from him and then my grandfather died and my mom became very attached to her so I couldn't take her away then either. So, I did the logical thing and drew up adoption papers and legally made her their dog. (seriously) I just hate that she got that sick and that my mom had to make the decision to put her down, I know that was really hard on her. It was a sad day.

*****I have to have a biopsy done tomorrow. You know, those bad tests results I got. Well, this is the second step and I am SCARED. It couldn't come at a worse time either. Mr. Ski got his disability rating from the Army so we should done...really done by the end of January. So that means no more insurance. Which only raises my scared level from a 10 to a 20. Please don't let it be what they think it is.

That's all the updates I can think of. Hopefully, I'll be back on the blogging train more regularly soon.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fragments!

Friday Fragments?
Welcome to that time of the week that not only signals the coming of the weekend (yay!) but also the day we are given the opportunity to purge our brains of all those little items that may not qualify for a whole post. So be sure to head to Mrs. Fours blog and Ordinary and Awesome's blog, the creators of Friday Fragments and Friday's Freewrite, to read their posts and link yours up while your at it! Happy Friday!

>Visitors: I had to dress up today because of you. Isn't Friday supposed to be a jeans day/casual wear? Well, I guess I really shouldn't complain considering I am able to dress casually just about every day of the week. So I hope you appreciate my attempt to look professional.

>Balloon Boy: I heard this morning that when you were asked "Why didn't you respond when you heard people calling your name?" you said "...um, you guys said that, hrm, we did this for a show." Out of the mouths of babes. Sweet child, you didn't climb in that balloon instead you climbed in a cardboard box to take a nap "for a show." So, essentially you did nothing wrong, you were only doing what you were told to do by your weather seeking, publicity hungry parents. Maybe if they have to pay for the fuel used in the helicopters and vehicles that were canvassing the area for you as well as pay the daily wages for all of those who took part in your search you won't ever have to sleep in a cardboard box again "for a show."

>Buzzards: I saw you all. Lined up 3 to a light pole and wondered what the heck you were doing. And then I saw it...a dead deer on the bridge. Bingo! Please tell me, what business does a deer have on a bridge?

>Project Runway: (I know Kori has officially stopped reading! haha! :) But I can't resist.) This message goes out to Irina. You suck! You are mean, judgmental, and quite frankly a bitch who thinks you know everything. I loved how you mocked Carol Hannah's dress when, O.M.G., in the end her outfit won! You are not a famous model, fashion director or world renowned designer so get off your high horse and keep your mouth shut. Plus, just so you know...your outfit looked like it belonged on a figure skater. You should have gotten an "Auf Wiedersehen!"

>NPR: I love you. You are awesome and the equivalent to my cup of coffee each morning. Thanks for always being there to talk to me during my commute. I don't think I could live without you.

>Neighbor's Inflatables: The watch is on! The first one of you to slump over get's your picture taken!!! Get excited! Frankenstein, I think you may be first! It will only be a matter of time before you're engaged in an inappropriate act with Snoopy.

>Mitch Hedberg: You never have failed to make me laugh. So, I feel it is my duty to share your one-liners with others in order to spread the laughter. Thanks for the smiles! "They say Sprite is made out of lemon and lime. I tried to make it at home, there's more to it than that."

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I feel like I'm at a crossroads in more than one area of my life. And let me tell you my friends, that feeling sucks. I'm just so confused about everything. I really hate this feeling of not knowing what the right path is for me. I just wish someone would give me the answers and let me be on my happy way in that particular direction. But alas, no. There is no fairy godmother coming down to choose the path for me, I'm stuck deciding all by myself and that is not good because one of my most pronounced qualities is indecisiveness. Great.


Monday, October 12, 2009

Over the Top!

Kara over at His, Hers, and Ours gave me this award on my Birthday...she's such a sweetie. And I'm such a slacker that I'm just now getting around to doing it! OOPS! Better late than never I suppose plus I was drawing a serious blank on what to blog about today so this was perfect.

Here are the rules for the Over the Top Award: USE ONLY ONE WORD! It’s not as easy as you might think. Copy and change the answers to suit you and pass it on. It’s quite tricky to use only one-word answers! Once you have filled it out, be sure to pass it on to 6 of your favorite bloggers and alert them that they have been awarded! Have fun!

1. Where is your cell phone? Desk

2. Your hair? Up
3. Your mother? Listener
4. Your father? Hero
5. Your favorite food? Sweet
6. Your dream last night? Weird
7. Your favorite drink? Tea
8. Your dream/goal? Happiness
9. What room are you in? Office
10. Your hobby? Photography
11. Your fear? Loneliness
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Counselor
13. Where were you last night? Home
14. Something that you aren’t? Awake
15. Muffins? Blueberry
16. Wish list item? Mark II
17. Where did you grow up? Tennessee
18. Last thing you did? Lunch
19. What are you wearing? Khakis
20. Your TV? Flat
21. Your pets? Chihuahua
22. Friends? Awesome
23. Your life? Moments
24. Your mood? Content
25. Missing someone? Bister
26. Vehicle? Altima
27. Something you’re not wearing? Socks
28. Your favorite store? Express
29. Your favorite color? Pink
30. When was the last time you laughed? Yesterday
31. Last time you cried? Saturday
32. Your best friend? Mr. Ski
33. One place that I go to over and over? Work
34. One person who emails me regularly? Boss
35. Favorite place to eat? Home

My 6 Bloggers:

The Future Mrs. Stilts
Stuck in the Sticks
Half Past Kissing Time
Daisy's Progeny
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Friday, October 9, 2009

Ridayfay Ragmentsfay

Friday Fragments?

Finally, Friday is here. It's been a long week especially since I only worked two days last week (Monday and Friday) because I was sick. The work week seems so much longer when you have to work all five days. Please head over to Mrs. Fours page to read her Friday Fragments and link up with other bloggers who participate in this fine event!

| I titled this edition of FF the way I did because I like pig latin. I remember in high school a friend wrote me a note in all pig latin. It was awesome. Plus, there was just something about getting a note in class or passed to me in the hall way...even if none of the information was important which in high school that information was ALWAYS important! :)

| When I was sick last week, I went to the doctor and they told me I had all the beginning stages/symptoms of H1N1 but luckily we were able to get a handle on it before it went full blown. I like to think that I had piglet flu...the baby version of swine flu.

| I really like listening to Pandora while I'm at work. It makes my monotonous day a little more interesting. Especially since I am apparently not good at grouping together appropriate music...for instance I have a Dave Matthews channel and while you are supposed to put "like" musicians in the station mine consists of everyone from Jack Johnson to Enya to the Dixie Chicks. And since the Dixie Chicks are thrown into that mix it means that other country music besides the DC's filters through my station. Which causes me to have to give out several thumbs downs! I like country music but I can only tolerate so much at a time.

| I recently was at the video store and when I walked up to the counter this conversation was occuring between two employees:

Female Employee: What do you mean it's not in American?!

Male Employee: It is in another language but the words on the screen are in American.

Female Employee: Well, I was about to say we have no need carrying movies that aren't in American.
I mean why wouldn't a movie be in American????? And it's just weird that someone would want to read words on the screen during a movie, what's the point in that?!

I stood at that counter screaming in my head....DON'T YOU MEAN ENGLISH NOT AMERICAN?! AND THOSE WORDS ON THE SCREEN ARE CALLED SUBTITLES! Everytime she said American I think my eye twitched.

I have to go get fitted for a bridesmaid's dress on Sunday. I am not looking forward to it. I can't wait to see the bride but I am not ready to have to try on a dress and see what size I am now...it was hard enough last May but I'm fairly certain I've gained more weight since then. Dread....completely and utterly dreading squeezing my fat butt in a dress. Especially when her other bridesmaids are skinny.... This would motivate most but if anything it makes me want to eat more ice cream.

I need to learn to keep my mouth shut. A friend of mine hasn't returned my calls the majority of the week because of a comment I made that I now wish I hadn't. All I said was, I don't see why he(her fiancee) pursued the issue if what W(her son) was doing wasn't against the rules in the first place. It was like he was setting him up to do something wrong and get in trouble. I should have just kept my opinions to myself about the issue. Or at least I think that's why she hasn't called me back.

| I have been hungry ALL. THE. TIME. lately. It's annoying.

| Thanks to everyone who wished me well on my test results. I had to reschedule my follow up test because of female issues that can't be present during said test. So now I have to wait until November, which I'm ok with. Avoidance of bad news is ok with me plus this will give me ample more time to think positively about a better outcome than is predicted. Regardless, your well wishes and thoughts mean a lot to me.

| And because I love you guys I'm doing TWO Mitch Hedberg quotes this week!
  • "See, I write jokes for a living, man. I sit in my hotel at night and think of something that's funny and then I go get a pen and write 'em down. Or if the pen's too far away, I have to convince myself that what I thought of ain't funny."
  • "I wrote a letter to my dad. I was gonna write, "I really enjoy being here," but I accidentally wrote "rarely" instead of "really". But I wanted to use it, I didn't want to cross it out, so I wrote, "I rarely drive steamboats, Dad -- there's a lot of shit you don't know about me. Quit trying to act like I'm a steamboat operator. I know this letter took a harsh turn right away...Hello Dad." "

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thousand Words Thursday!

Cheaper Than Therapy

Head over to Cheaper Than Therapy to see submit your Thousand Words Thursday photo and view the photos of others.

A modified Favre jersey we saw at the Packers vs. Rams game! HILARIOUS! Mr. Ski wants to make a Favre jersey with a Jets sleeve, Vikings sleeve, and Green Bay in the center.

One last note: GO PACK GO!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday's Pet Peeves

Well, I was going to do a little blog topic by Little Ms Blogger about Rants and Raves but realized I didn't have any raves so I decided to do pet peeves instead. Maybe next week I'll have something to rave about...is it bad that nothing in my life right now is rave-able?! Probably. This post may offend some but everyone has pet peeves and these are mine. I haven't shunned any of my friends who participate in the following, but I just feel the need to vent.

1. Inflatables: Not the fun, bouncy kind but the kind that neighbors put in their yards during the various seasons. Inflatables are a waste of time, money, and energy. Most of the time they only stay inflated for a week maybe two and then they slump over in inappropriate positions. Plus, inflatables make Mr. Ski want to be all festive solely for the purpose of "out doing" our neighbors yard decorations. I don't decorate. Maybe I will when we have kids but right now, what the heck is the point?!

2. Military Time: Unless your in the military, a doctor, or a nurse at work please do not use military time. It's just annoying. I can figure out what time your talking about but really is it necessary when you're telling me what time you'll expect us over for dinner. "Come over around 1830 and dinner should be ready in 0030." GRR! I have found that most people who use military time outside of work are simply show-offs who think by using military time it makes them cool or something. Trust me, it's not cool.

3. Leg Shakers: Thinking about leg shakers gives me the heeby geebies. Don't worry I'll still be your friend if you constantly shake/bounce/vibrate your legs but don't expect me to ever sit next to you. At my sister's graduation my ex-BIL (a leg shaker) was sitting three seats down from me, well you know stadium seats are usually connected in fours, he was shaking his legs so much and so hard that all FOUR of the seats were moving. I almost had a panic attack.

4. Tracy on Biggest Loser: I liked you at first, but now you just get on my nerves. And I hate that you're paired with Coach Mo because it will really suck that he has to go home when you are the reason everyone hates the purple team.

5. Short cars in parking spaces: Damn you for leading me to believe that there is no car in the spot and just when I begin to turn in I see you sitting there all tiny and small in the space.

Well, I feel better. Maybe now that I've expressed my pet peeves they will not bother me...as much. And to all my readers who use inflatables, military time and are leg shakers with short cars. Your tactics may drive me nuts but no worries I still love you. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

  • I think I am getting a stye. Grr.
  • I think round-a-bouts are stupid. I mean why not just put in a four way stop sign in and save some confusion.
  • I was saddened by the Packer's lost last night. They played great but really need to do some work on their offensive line. Poor Aaron got sacked A LOT!
  • I hate purple lettuce. Yes, I know that it is red cabbage and not purple lettuce but I've always called it purple lettuce and you know habits.
  • I have a new favorite salad dressing. It's one of those salad spritzers but it's Caesar dressing and it's delicious!
  • The grocery store I go to has a salad bar. They charge by the pound and it really ticks me off that they slice their cucumbers so thick...you know they only do that to make your salad weigh more. So I go through and pick out (with tongs, of course) the skinniest cucumbers they have.
  • I know I've talked a lot about salads in this post. Can you tell I'm starting a diet?! I've got to get some of this weight off...and soon.

Monday, October 5, 2009

To be a voice...

I was informed this weekend that I was Mr. Ski's voice when it came to all things military. Not in the technical sense but more so in the way I speak of him and his service. I am very proud of my husband as many of you know. And I was unaware that he struggled when it came down to speaking of his accomplishments. It is very hard for him to talk about where he's been and what he's done because he feels he is boasting about his job. To him it is just that...a job. So, you can imagine my surprise when he thanked me this weekend for being his voice, for always expressing to others how proud of him I am, and for not letting him forget that what he did was more than just a job. The Army will be leaving our lives soon, but I will forever lift him and the rest of the service men and women up for their service to this country because what they do is truly extraordinary. I guess once an Army wife, always an Army wife. And with that I just have one thing left to say...HOOAH!

*And to think...I vowed to never be in a relationship with someone in the military. Wow, how things change.

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's been a minute! But here they are...

Friday Fragments?

Friday Fragments! This little blog fragmenter is apparently one of my favorite things to do since I can't manage to post anything other than this little Friday post. Maybe next week I'll be able to crank out more than one post! Head on over to Mrs. Fours blog to check out her Friday Fragments and the Fragments of other lovely bloggers who link up. You won't be disappointed....I swear!

-I have been sick this week. I missed 3 days of work! I had all the flu symptoms but luckily I didn't have the flu! SHEW! It stinks being sick but only working on Monday and Friday is something I could really get used to.

-We had a great time in St. Louis. Our hotel was about 9-10 blocks from the dome so we just walked over instead of having to re-park our car. I debated for a good 30 minutes over whether or not to bring my camera (it's rather large and I didn't feel like lugging it around) and after debating decided not to bring it. Well, we get to the dome and OMG our seats are AWESOME! I was so pissed that I had left my camera that I walked quite quickly back to the parking garage, grabbed my camera, and walked/ran back to the dome and I made it in time for kick off! SCORE! I got some great shots and I'm very glad I decided to go back and get it. Plus, I got in my exercise for the day! I'll have to post pictures soon!

-A grasshopper hitched a ride on my car today. I thought for sure he would hop off when I stopped to get lunch but lo and behold he rode on my side mirror back to my office. He must be one strong grasshopper to be able to hold on at over 70 mph!

-While in St. Louis we went to one of the casinos there mainly because Mr. Ski had never been to a casino. We had a plan to only take $100 and when that was gone we were done. Mr. Ski proved to be much luckier than I was...he won $150 off of a PENNY slot machine! Woohoo! We made our money back plus $50!

-Special thanks goes out to the Illinois sheriff who only gave us a warning instead of a very expensive ticket on our way home Sunday night! Cops make me nervous and I'm not sure why. I shook for a solid 45 minutes after we were pulled over.

-I got bad test results. I'm not ready to dive into details but I will say that I am scared. Which is odd for me, usually I don't get scared over health stuff...having to have open heart surgery at 17 will do that to you...but this is different and I'm hoping, praying, and thinking positively that things are not as they appear.

-I hate it when truckers honk at me. I mean it didn't used to worry me because I thought they were just being dirty and honking at a young, cute girl but now I'm not so young or cute for that matter and it makes me paranoid that something is wrong with my car.

Finally, a little Mitch to start off the weekend:
"A waffle is a pancake with a syrup trap!" -Mitch Hedberg

Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday's Fragments!

It's that time of the week peeps! Time for Friday Fragments hosted by the lovely Mrs. Fours! Head on over to her blog and join in on the fragmented fun! Read Mrs. Fours fragments, the fragments of other fine bloggers and link your blog in for some fragtastic fun!

Friday Fragments?

*Today is my Birthday. Mr. Ski definitely surprised me too! He had decorated my car last year so I was half expecting him to decorate something but half of me was trying to not expect anything to avoid disappointment. He did not disappoint! The last two years he's had away games on my Birthday so we've yet to celebrate together but next year...it's on! :) I woke up to a trail of confetti to my present (a filing cabinet and itunes card...yes I'm a nerd) and there were beautiful flowers in one of the drawers along with 10 balloons! It was so sweet! Don't worry I took lots of pictures. So then, as I'm talking to my bff, I told her that I guess he decided to decorate inside because it's been raining so much here. Just as I said that I looked out the window and there was a "Happy Birthday" banner and gigantic age balloons on my car! I was so surprised! It was an awesome start to my birthday!

**We decided to make a trip to St. Louis tomorrow so we can watch the Packers play the Rams on Sunday. I had made a list of cities within 300 miles (we have to stay within 300 miles of Ft. C otherwise Mr. Ski has to get a weekend pass) and Mr. Ski says...Oh wow, the packers play in St. Louis on Sunday...we should go there! So we are! We got pretty good seats for a pretty decent price so I hope the Packers pull out a W!

***Gidget does not like confetti. She avoided it like the plague!

****I never thought I would like blogging as much as I do. It's not so much the writing as the people I have met through blogging. It sounds so cheesy but it's the truth! I love my blogging friends! You guys are great!

*****I ran into this hope chest from my great aunt that we currently have our tv sitting on this morning. It has a key on the outside and the key did this to my leg:

**Please ignore the pastiness of my shin! :) It looks worse than it photographs and it's going to be a nasty bruise...I just know it!

******Can someone identify why this sign (that I walk by everyday, multiple times a day at work) irritates me. Look closely....

I'll give you a hint...it's a spelling error. I mean COME ON! if you're going to advertise your business on a sign that people will walk by and look at EVERY SINGLE DAY then at least spell Development right! GEEZE! Yeah, I think I want to give you my business...especially since it looks like you are ON top of it! I've had the urge to find the key to that case so I can open it and pluck off the extra "e." Now I'm not saying I spell everything right all the time because I don't. But this is a sign for a business. Plus, I never hesitate to use the dictionary or at least spell check on the computer!

I hope everyone has a lovely friday and a FANTASTIC weekend!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


So, I'm not going to get all the way into why I'm grring and arggghhhing but let's just say this. Someone royally pissed me off. We'll call him douchebag (db), which let me say this I don't even personally know db and yet I strongly strongly dislike him.

Here's the jist.

I don't care what your political stance is I believe that we should respect the President of the United States. I'm not asking for you to support him or even like him but respect him. This db did not share this thought.

In elementary school we were taught to respect the President and taught fun little songs about everything from the 50 states, president facts, to the French alphabet. And guess what?! I still remember those little songs. Teachers use any tactic available to help students remember things. So, db is all upset because a school somewhere taught children a song about Obama, facts about him, his campaign motto, his name, etc. Db took offense and brought in the most random things like "you're ok with teaching children that abortion is ok." Um no, I didn't hear that in the song and I think you are taking this way out of context. My favorite (not) though was when he made several negative, ungrateful, sad comments about our military service men and women. And this was where my heart rate went from a calm 75-80 to over 230! By the way, that's not so good for my heart condition. As most of you know, my husband is an Infantry Man in the Army. I about lost my cool when db started in on...."well they enlisted, they have no reason to complain" Are you kidding me?! Yes, they enlisted most including Mr. Ski enlisted after 9/11 and that is admirable to me because they joined knowing they would be going to war. They enlisted so others wouldn't have to, so we could enjoy our freedoms here, and to defend their country. As soon as db realized I was an Army wife he started to back peddle. Which irritated me. My next favorite (not) comment was when he said that the "Iraqis are grateful we invaded their country." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! Sure, some of them may be grateful but the large percentage is pissed off that we are there. So I asked him. Is that why kids throw grenades at our soldiers and insurgents lay in fields for hours waiting to blow up military convoys?! He told me that I must get my news from MSNBC or Air America and I responded by telling him...No, I got my news from someone who was there!

He began apologizing and God Blessing my husband which infuriated me even more. Mr. Ski doesn't need anything from you DB! Especially since you've already made it perfectly clear that it is ok for military service men and women to die in Iraq because they enlisted. Whatever DB!

He got off of the website but I was still fuming so I wrote him a message. I'm going to paste it below. I cried the whole way through this message because it breaks my heart that he's probably not the only person to think the way he does about these brave men and women who serve our country.

Dear DB (I didn't include this but now I wish I had),

Just so you know. Kids throwing grenades, insurgents laying in fields for hours to wait for an Army vehicle to cross the road so that they can push a trigger switch and blow up that vehicle, insurgents actually putting on the carcases of sheep to kneel on all fours for hours so that they can trigger a switch to blow up Americans, sending bombs down rail road tracks headed towards military positions, and various other acts of terror happen EVERY SINGLE DAY. Just because you don't see it on the news doesn't mean it doesn't happen. YOU have no idea what my husband went through and yes you're right he did enlist. He enlisted after 9/11 knowing full well he would be sent to war because he wanted to serve in place of someone he loved, he wanted to serve this country, and he wanted to defend the rights of every single person that walks this soil no matter their religion, race, or political beliefs. He gave up so much. He will never be the same. His life is FOREVER changed for both the good and the bad. And it brings me to tears that you think all that was for a righteous war and that the Iraqis are grateful. Sure, some of them are but it's a very small percentage. But I guess we wouldn't like it if we were invaded and blown up by another country for our resources either.

You don't have to sleep next to someone who has debilitating nightmares about ied's, snipers, shots being fired AT you, getting blown up while in a vehicle, clearing a building in Iraq, or walking down the road through Iraqi cities. You don't have to watch as your spouse one swerves off the road completely, almost causing an accident because the sight of a plastic bag in the road triggered the images of ied's in the road. You don't have to console your spouse out from a hiding place because they are doing blasting near your home and he went into panic mode sending him in his mind back to Iraq and being bombed on a frequent basis. And be glad you don't. My husband is an Infantry Man and I am so proud of him and even more proud that he has the courage to get up every morning and put one foot in front of the other. He could always get sent off to fight again and who knows if he will come home and THAT is something I think about every day.

You should show more gratitude. Get off your high horse and go take a peek into the lives of someone who has been there and experienced it.

I know you're surprised to hear that I haven't heard back from him. Mr. Ski was quite proud of me this morning after I told him about my internet war and he even said that not many people would have the balls to respond to that message. And I guess DB doesn't have the balls.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits...

Tidbits that happen to me....I probably shouldn't list these solely because you will see how big of a ditz I can be SOMETIMES. Not often...but sometimes.

*I got my hand stuck in the mail slot at the post office. It was too full and I was trying to mail an important document so without thinking I shoved my hand in there to further shove it down the shoot and when I went to pull out my hand...no go. I stood there for a solid 3 minutes trying to wriggle my hand out of the slot. I was beginning to panic when I smooshed my hand down with my other hand and it came out. SHEW! I can see that now..."Woman gets hand lodged in the mail slot at the USPS and passed out from embarrassment..."

**I love making lists, just so I can mark things off. Even if I've already completed something that I would have put on my list, I will put it on my list just so I can immediately mark it off. Because marking off things makes me feel good.

***I bit into the wax of a Babybel cheese because I thought it was part of the cheese. Moments later I noticed the pull tabs to remove the wax. Ding Ding Ding!!! No worries, I didn't eat the wax.

****I am scared of vines. They creep me out...with their thorns and their ability to take over just about anything. I never should have watched that movie for one of Mr. Ski's classes last year with him..."The Little Shop of Horrors." I haven't been the same since.

*****Once I clean house I become obsessive about it staying clean. Too bad this only lasts for a week or two.

*****I often forget to attach attachments after giving a full explanation about said attachment. Which makes me look dumb because then I have to send a subsequent email saying "Sorry, here is the attachment I forgot to attach in the last email. I'm a dumbass." Well, I don't say the I'm the "I'm a dumbass" part but I'm sure they think it!

******My sister and I love to compare clumsy stories. I think we're competing to see who is more clumsy plus it's hilarious to hear about trips and falls. So far, she's ahead.

*******Finally, I love sleeping. I often press my snooze button more times than I'd like to share and on Saturdays and Sundays I sleep as long as I possibly can and even if I get up at 2 or 3 in the afternoon I sometimes will take a nap! :) That's sad isn't it? Before anyone gets judgmental if I have specific things to do I will get up but most often Saturdays and Sundays are for me and since we don't have kids the only person I have to take care of is Gidget and thankfully she loves to sleep as much as me.


Current song coursing through my head: "Oh momma don't you make me another meat loaf, forget the mac-n-cheese, I want some fun piled on a bun I want a Manwich please...."

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lunch Breaks and Weekend Visits

I rarely take a lunch break at work. If I do, I run out grab my lunch, bring it back to the office and eat at my desk. There's a reason I do this...but I don't really want to go into that now. Back in the winter and early spring I would go to my car for a 20-30 minute cat nap during my lunch break but when it started getting hotter outside I could no longer nap in the car...so I was bummed.

I am pleased to announce that today, for the first time since April I was able to take a nap in my car on my lunch break. It was WONDERFUL! I got in a 30 minute nap, went to pick up lunch and ate at my desk. I am so glad it's finally starting to cool down a little. Although I don't know why I am so tired today. I even went to bed earlier than usual last night and still I was having trouble keeping my eyes open earlier. Hopefully, I will wake up some before I have to commute home.


My parents came to visit this weekend (I'm crying as I type this; for some reason I cry a lot on the day they leave...I guess I've just really missed them a whole lot more than I ever realized). It was so great to have them here. My dad was able to fix the siding, work on my car, and reattach some gutters that had come loose. We kept him busy and I felt bad about that but he kept assuring me that he wanted to be doing it and that he'd rather be busy plus I'm his baby and he still feels the need to take care of me (which is fine with me!). My mom baked me a birthday cake because she was worried that I wouldn't have one on my actual birthday and I got a few presents early too. My favorite was a pink-striped apron she made me, I later found out that she HAND SEWED the whole thing because her sewing machine was broken and that only made the apron more special. And to think I almost wasted $15 buying one that was probably made by a child in Malasia, glad I decided to wait! My most favorite part of the weekend were the hours I got to sit and just talk to my mom and the couple hours last night when it was just me and my dad hanging out like we used to...watching pointless television and marveling at what some people do. I may go further into that in another post because it's worth telling about my dad's antics before he really settled down. :)

All in all it was a fantastic weekend! I love them so much and I am so grateful for who they are and their presence in my life. They are wonderful people and the greatest parents.

My dad just called to make sure that my car had functioned properly on the way to work and to tell me he loved me....now I'm crying again. I'm so blessed to have them.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday's Fragments

Friday Fragments?

It's Friday! Time for Friday Frag
ments. Head over to Mrs. Fours (the creator of this awesome post) to read her Fragments, link up your Friday Fragments, and read the Frags of other fragtastic bloggers!

+ I killed a HUGE spider on our front porch. It basically took a half of a can of Black Flag. I swear I have killed more bugs since I've been married than I ever did when I was single.

+ Mr. Ski made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. They were yummy. I love him.

+ I have had constant indigestion for the last two weeks. Grr. And just in case you were going to ask...I'm not preggers.

+ Gidget got her Halloween costume early this year. Check it out!

+ I almost quit my job on Wednesday. It was a really bad day that ended with me sobbing on the phone with Mr. Ski.

+ I joined Twitter today. I wanted to be in the loop. The only people following me so far were advertising personal ads and naughty websites. So I blocked them and I'm already reconsidering this Twitter decision.

+ As I was walking out of the grocery store I saw a used condom on the ground. Um, GROSS! Who has sex in a parking lot at the grocery store? I guess someone got lucky before picking up milk, bread, and eggs.

+ A convertible passed me yesterday on my drive home. It had this written on the back window: "Inner beauty doesn't get you laid." I did laugh, but then laughed harder when I noticed that the female driver was quite unattractive. I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

+ My birthday is in seven days. And I will be all alone. Bummer. OH well, it's not like birthdays are important after 21.

+ To further prove that my birthday is no big thing anymore ( I used to proclaim that the whole month of September was to celebrate my birth...for real!) as I was making a list for Mr. Ski (he's not the greatest at picking presents, hey, he makes me a list too so this is normal for us!) and so far my list consists of an itunes card and a filing cabinet. Wow...I've gotten pretty boring.

+ I went to a bachelorette party last weekend. It was fun except I had to pry details out of the host. She was supposed to send an invite...didn't. So, I email her asking if it was still going on. She says "yes." So I email her back with "what time, where, etc." and she says "I sent an invitation I don't know what happened" Can't a girl get some frickin' details?! So I send another email with "what time, when, etc." and she responds "Hilton at 7pm for pizza and lingerie party then we're going out downtown." So I send another email "What size does she wear" she responds "34D and small" and then I vomited. Not really, but those sizes are ridiculous! On Saturday I was talking to the bachelorette's sister. And she tells me that there's a theme for the party....Goth. HOLY CRAP! Why in the hell didn't the HOST tell me this? Oh yeah probably because I had to pry details from her to begin with. I tell the bachelorette's sister that I'm not dressing up because I don't have time to find anything. I make it to the Hilton on time and I thought when I walked in I would see people dressed in black with crazy eyeliner and chains and instead I saw 15 girls in skirts, argyle sweaters, tennis shoes, and hats. Hmm...this doesn't seem very Goth...is there a preppy Goth these days? Her sister and I go outside to smoke and I tell her that no one looks very Goth. She laughed and said that she said the theme was GOLF not GOTH. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, that makes sense now. Thank God I didn't show up in Goth attire, I would have been way out of place!

The font on this post is being STUPID....sorry for all the mis-match.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rainy Day

So, it's been raining here for the last couple days. Blah. These days are when I hate commuting most since driving in the rain completely freaks me out.

I remembered a story this morning on my drive in that is just too funny not to share!

I was in seventh grade. My social studies classroom was in a modular unit behind the school. I don't know if you know anything about modular units but they tend to retain more heat than the classrooms in the school. My teacher, Mr. J, would usually leave the door open, which was in the back of the classroom, to keep the air flowing. My desk was directly beside the back door. Well, one rainy day Mr. J had opened the back door because it was really stuffy in the classroom. Right smack dab in the middle of class three dogs (2 small dogs and a large hairy dog) all wet, because it's raining, come racing in through the door (I'm laughing as I type because I can still see this crazy scene in my head) and chase each other throughout the classroom, it was like a scene from a movie. There was total chaos as everyone tried (without succeeding) to round up the dogs to send them back outside. I didn't really help much mainly because I couldn't stop laughing. After a few minutes of racing around the classroom the little dogs tore back out the door and the big hairy dog wasn't far behind them. It was by far the funniest thing to ever happen in that class.

Speaking of that Social Studies class...I got in more trouble in that class than I did my entire 12 years in school. I swear I had to right three essays because I kept getting my name on the board. But it always seemed that I never got in trouble for acting out intentionally. Once, I had to write an essay because I was leaning my chair against the back wall (remember I sat in the back of the class next to the door) and I fell out of my chair and into the floor. I'm sure the loud thud (thanks to the floors in the modular) was a distraction to everyone else but geeze, I didn't mean to fall! The next essay I had to write was because I tripped and fell over my purse strap as I was walking to the front to turn in an assignment which caused another loud thud. That's just not fair at all! I shouldn't be penalized because I'm clumsy...RIGHT?! I don't remember what I did to deserve the third essay but most likely it was because I was talking during class. So, maybe I deserved the third essay but I still don't think I deserved the first two...in my opinion you shouldn't punish someone for being accident prone! Obviously Mr. J did not agree with my opinion.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Fragments?

Woohoo...it's Friday and that means that Mrs. 4444 is hosting Friday Fragments over at her blog Half Past Kissin' Time, don't forget to visit her site and link your Friday Fragments up and read her fragments as well as the fragments of other bloggers!

~ First and foremost, I would like to recognize all of those who died in the September 11th attacks eight years ago. We will never forget and you will always remain close to our hearts.

~You've probably figured out by now that I like reality tv. I'll watch anything (thanks to my dvr) but I especially love TLC reality (not so much J&K+8 anymore) and my latest favorite is Police Women of Broward County. Those women are TOUGH! For a split second it made me want to be a cop but then I realized that meant I'd have to be sprayed in the face with mace AND tazed...and I'm sorry but that's a deal breaker for me. So, I'm driving to work on Wednesday and there's a big tractor trailer in front of me pulling a gigantic boat. When I begin to pass it I notice the name on the boat is....wait for it.....Broward County Sheriff's Department! It looked a lot like this except it was much bigger:
~ Sway Calloway, since you ask all the questions for MTV I thought it was your turn to be in the hot seat. If you are unsure who Sway Calloway is please see the picture below:

*What is under your hat? Is that really all hair or do you have a piece of Styrofoam shoved up under there?

*What do you do at airport security? Do they make you take your hat off? Do you comply with their request? Or are you too embarrassed to take off your hat because you don't want to expose yourself as a hair fraud plus you don't want anyone to see the piece of Styrofoam that really holds your hat up.

*Is your name Sway because your hair/Styrofoam piece sways in the wind occasionally causing you to fall down or stumble?

This concludes my interview, Mr. Calloway. Your cooperation will be appreciated.

~ The other night I went outside to smoke enjoy the night air before I went to bed. I had put Gidget in the back yard because it's fenced in and I had gone to the front porch because I have this fear of being on the back porch and someone entering my house without my knowledge plus in general I feel safer on the front porch because it's not so dark and woodsy. I start hearing this noise blood curdling screaming that I thought at first was someone being killed very slowly, but then I decided it was just some pesky dog. The longer this went on the more and more it started to sound like Gidget's famous "I will bark at you until you get too close to me and then I will act like you are murdering me" bark. So I bolt to the back door (because I thought she was DYING) and she was standing in the yard screaming at something. I couldn't see what it was, I couldn't get her to stop screaming or to come inside so I left her out back. There is no point in trying to get that dog to come in before she's ready...she's stubborn like that and I have no idea who she gets it from. After I finished my smoke deep breath of night air I went back to the back porch and she had stopped barking and was pawing at the door ready to come in. I still wonder what was back there....because I've never heard her wail like that!

~To end this Friday Fragment post I will leave you with a special treat; TWO Mitch Hedberg quotes (I know you're excited):

  • You know they call corn-on-the-cob "corn-on-the-cob" right? But that's how it comes out of the ground, man. They should call that "corn." They should call every other version "corn-off-the-cob." It's not like if you cut off my arm you would call my arm "Mitch." But then reattach it and call it "Mitch-all-together!"
  • This shirt is "dry-clean only"...which means it's dirty.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

A Thousand Words Thursday

Cheaper Than Therapy

Head over to Jen's page to learn more about Thousand Words Thursday and post a link to your blog after you've picked your thousand word photo!
This is my youngest nephew, E3, he is precious and I was so glad he was starting to warm back up to me the last time I visited.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wondering on a Wednesday

Am I really supposed to be someone's bitch for the rest of my life?! I know that in any job you have a boss but for pete's sake I'm so tired of mine. I went to college, obtained a degree, and now I fill my time in a position that in no way correlates with the degree I have and I spend the majority of my day doing data entry and comparisons. Don't get me wrong I'm so grateful to have a job but I just don't know anymore if this is the path I'm supposed to be on.

I remember when I was 16 or so. It was summertime and I was working at a pharmacy as a technician. I loved that job. I had gone on a mission trip with my church and my dad was one of the counselors. We were driving on some winding roads in Virginia or West Virginia and I overheard my dad telling another counselor about my sisters' successes in their jobs. For some reason it made me mad. Not because he didn't talk about me but that it seemed he was so proud of them and I was still a measly junior in high school, with very few accomplishments besides the swim team. I remember telling him later on that day when we were alone that one day he would be proud of me and want to tell people about my career as a pharmacist. He assured me that he was already proud of me and that he knew I would do great things with my life.

If only I had kept that determination during my first year of college, my story might be very different. Instead I was slaughtered by Chemistry. The professor hated me, I didn't understand it and I had to rely on a cute male cheerleader to tutor me so I could somewhat pass the class. Which I barely did. I made a D in chemistry Freshman year and that D weighed heavily on my dream to become a pharmacist because heck, if I couldn't do the first year of chemistry how was I supposed to do 6+ more years of it?! I let myself down, I doubted what I could do and ended up changing my major several times after that.

So now, I am as confused as ever about what my life path should be. I've thought about going back to school to get my Masters so I can be a school counselor (since I already have a degree in Psychology this might be the easiest option). But I'm sick of taking the easy way out. I don't know why I do that to myself, if I think something is going to be a challenge instead of facing it head on I find something that will be less of a challenge. The last time I was truly happy in a job was when I was working at a pharmacy in college. I miss it. I miss the monotony, I miss the routine, I miss the people, I miss knowing all the generics to numerous name brand drugs. I miss it. So maybe I'll go to pharmacy school...but can I afford to be back in school for 6+ years? What if I get burnt out? What if I really can't do Chemistry? What if I realize that being a pharmacist isn't what I'm supposed to do?

My life at the moment contains entirely too many "What If's." What are your what if's? Is there something or someone you always wanted to be but you strayed from that person/occupation? Why did you stray? Do you have that nagging feeling in the pit of your stomach telling you that you're meant for something else...something more?

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Apology Postcard

Mr. Ski gets me a clever little desk calendar each year for Christmas. This year he got me the Pardon My President calendar which contains apology postcards written on behalf of the Bush Administration's short comings. This one had me laughing so hard that I just had to share. As always I hope not to offend anyone but heck, I'm from the South (TN) so if I'm not offended then...well, you should just laugh at the accuracy instead of getting angry. :)

To: Southerners
c/o The Alamo
300 Alamo Plaza
San Antonio, TX 78205

Dear Southerners,

Gone are the days when the accent evoked images of bow-tied gentlemen sipping mint julips on a shady front porch, of honest work, "yes ma'am/no sir" manners, and down-home cookin'. These have been replaced with images of NASCAR-sponsored BBQ sauce, megachurches with secretly gay pastors, and super-sized people shopping for XXL "Git R Done" T-Shirts at Wal-Mart.

So why the paradigm shift? Why has the southerner stereotype gone from genteel to dumb? After careful analysis, I've traced it back to 1953, when a young George W. Bush decided to become the only member of his family to adopt a southern accent. As president, Mr. Bush became the de facto spokesman for all southerners, a role he seemed to relish. That oversized-belt-buckle swagger. That nod to the southern pronunciation of his middle initial. That "aw shucks" persona. That rugged rancher ethos. Many of you ate it up like biscuits and gravy.

Heck, it was almost enough to make you forget that he was a Yankee-born, silver-spoon-fed, Yale-and Harvard-bred multimillionaire who didn't own a ranch until he was fifty-three years old.

So let me apologize on behalf of the Northerners, urbanites, and snobbish intellectuals who equate your drawl with dimwittedness. "Dubya" doesn't speak for y'all, and having an accent doesn't make somebody stupid.

Being stupid makes somebody stupid.

Ride along now,

U.S. Citizen

Friday, September 4, 2009

Fragmented Friday!

Friday Fragments?

It's time for Friday Fragments. The one post I actually do during the week. OR at least that's how it seems. I've got to be a better blogger, speaking of awesome bloggers head over to the originator of this fine blog topic, Mrs. 4444's blog "Half Past Kissin' Time" to read her Friday Fragments, link yours up, and read other blogger's Friday Fragments!

~ I saw a turtle beginning to cross the interstate yesterday. Wonder what was so great on the other side that that little turtle was willing to risk his life for? I would have stopped to take a picture but then I would have probably caused a multiple car pile up and I don't think my insurance would have covered it once they knew why I stopped so suddenly.

~ My boss had me working on a non-work related project, typing the lyrics to ten Christmas carols out of a musical that his church choir will be doing in the winter. I found myself singing along as I typed. Then I had Christmas music stuck in my head for more than a week! It brought back memories of college when my roommate began playing Christmas music in OCTOBER and continued on through the New Year. I've never felt the same way about Christmas music since then. Just as I had gone a couple days without having Christmas music coursing through my brain my boss plays two excerpts of the music in the office yesterday....BAM!...Come on ring those bells...light the Christmas tree...Jesus is the King born for you and me.... I'm sure you can figure out how the rest of the day went.

~ My mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and my MIL's exchange student (Twilight...I'm not even kidding that is her name!) are in town. The main reason they came to visit was so Mr. Ski and his brother could go to the Titans/Packers game last night. I wasn't going to get to go but an extra ticket popped up so I was able to cheer on the Packers with the boys. Even though Green Bay lost it was still fun. Since Mr. Ski's brother had never been to Nashville we took him out afterwards. Coyote Ugly was the place he chose to go. WOW! I've been there before but for some reason it was quite the experience this time. This will require bullet points:

  • Body Shots - Geeze Louise! I guess I've never seen them do body shots before....but it was pretty intense. From the one coyote pole dancing on the other coyote's leg to the coyote squeezing (with her mouth) lime juice in the man's mouth, it was definitely an experience.
  • Some dude bought one of the coyote's underwear for a hundred dollars! She cut both sides and pulled them off...he tried to help her by yanking on them (ouch!) and I thought she was going to punch him, he then proceeded to wear them as a necklace the rest of the night. Nice! I asked her later if she sold many pairs of her underwear and she said Yes, that she had to go to Victoria's Secret once (sometimes twice) a month to replenish. I had noticed early on that she also had white shorts under her skimpy jean shorts so at least she wasn't bar tending commando. But still...I wouldn't want anyone's underwear much less PAY for their underwear. Men are weird. (No offense to any male readers I may have...I'm sure you would never pay for a girl's underwear.)
  • Bathroom Attendants - While it is nice to have someone turn on the water, squirt soap in your hand and get paper towels ready. I hate to use their services if I don't have cash...that makes me feel like a bad person, these women don't get anything but tips so if I don't have cash I quickly fish for my Purel and walk out. Luckily, last night I had some cash so I took advantage of their hand washing services.

~ The other day Mr. Ski (who's pretty bad with names) referred to Twilight (MIL's exchange student) as New Moon! BAHAHAHA! I almost peed my pants.

~ I've seen some pretty hilarious videos lately that leave me having to cover my mouth so my laughter won't disturb the dead silence in my office. I thought in place of a Mitch Hedberg quote that I would leave you with this: